Stuck Between Letting Your Child Cry it Out and Sleep?

Guess what? You don’t have to make that choice anymore – I didn’t! I’m going to let you in on my sleep training secret, the Gentle Sleep Solutions eCourse by The Sleep Lady!

It Worked FAST

When I enrolled in Gentle Sleep Solutions, it walked me through customizing a sleep plan that was unique to my family’s needs – because there is no one size fits all option in sleep training! When I committed to implementing the plan, James was sleeping through the night in about two weeks. We thought it was a miracle, but it really was a combination of consistency and hard work!

Here’s Why I Love Gentle Sleep Solutions:

Gentle Sleep Solutions:

  • no crying it out or leaving your child alone to cry to sleep
  • 25 years experience with Kim’s proven and effective method – The Sleep Lady Shuffle
  • helps ages 6 months through 6 years sleep without leaving your child to cry to sleep

Other courses:

  • other courses claim they are “gentle” while telling you to leave your baby to cry and only offer “pop-ins”
  • -no other consultant with as much experience sleep-training
  • -most courses only helps children up to 2 years or children only in a crib

If you only want to sleep train once, Gentle Sleep Solutions is the way to create lasting results. With 25 years of experience backing it up, you can’t go wrong!

You can get more info and sign up HERE!