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” Multi generational Goldendoodles have the most consistent characteristics. They are the best bet for people with allergies. Unfortunately, most Goldendoodles in the United States are still first generation dogs that have a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever as parents. Multi generational Goldendoodles remain relatively rare. The dog loving public was immediately enamored with the Goldendoodle. Its popularity grew to epic proportions in the 1990s and beyond, as so called "designer dogs" became the latest fad. a designer dog of their day if you will?What is a goldendoodle?An intentional cross breed to get a desired result.

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TGR provides a choice of limited or full registration puppy applications for breeders to provide to their puppy buyers.


These dogs would range in size from a smaller scale of their smaller parent to upwards of a Golden Retriever size.


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